Temora on the air

Former teachers, Dennis and daughter Anne-Maree Sleigh

TEMORA’S Catholic community has taken to the airwaves and joined four other local Christian churches to host a faith radio program every Sunday.

Parishioner Anne McCrone is a member of the local Christian Leaders’ Group (an initiative strongly supported by the late Fr Phil Harding) that developed the program for TEM-FM 102.5.

Father and daughter Dennis and Anne-Maree Sleigh, both former teachers at St Anne’s Central School in Temora, develop materials for the 30-minute Catholic slot.

The five churches each prepare a half-hour segment of a program called The Lord’s Good Word which kicks off at midday.  The churches have fixed timeslots with the Catholics on air at 1.30 pm.

In its fourth week, The Lord’s Good Word has received praise from listeners of all denominations who say it adds a new dimension to a day of spiritual reflection.

As for preparing the material, Dennis and Anne-Maree admit it is a challenging exercise but also very satisfying.

“We have been called on to use brain cells we haven’t really used since we studied together at ACU for Master’s degrees in Theology fifteen years ago,” they laughed.

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  • Joe Quigley 4 years

    Lovely to see the Sleigh father & daughter combination still together. I attended an ANU Seminar on the Bible as Narrative with them. I still have Anne-Maree’s notes which she generously emailed to some older participants such as myself, whose note taking skills weren’t up to the deluge of information that an erudite & enthusiastic lecturer poured out for our edification.

    • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

      Thank you very much for the memory, Joe.

  • Phil Billington 4 years

    Great story about a terrific family! 

    • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

      Thanks, Phil. I hope the world is treating you well.

  • Ted Kell 4 years

    It’s good to see Dennis and Anne-Maree doing great things together 

    • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

      Hi Ted, lovely to hear from you. I hope that life is treating you gently.

  • Keith MacRae 4 years

    good to see Temora in the news – I worked there in the Post Office 1949 & 1950 for a short period from all the way from Lake Cargelligo unfortunately retired from Telecom 1990 – was at the museum opening recently for two days – disappointed never meet anyone I worked with. Have fond memories to the CYO in Temora – Some of those I worked with Robert Keene, Mick Levine, Bill Kelly , Harry Callaghan, Ted Green and a number of girls on the Telephone exchange whose names I don’t remember at the moment. One girl lived over near the flour mill. and another was the Supervisor who later met up with her in Wagga 1972/73. Had great times in Temora.

    • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

      It is lovely to hear your comment about our beautiful town and its residents – I think I can say “our town” even though we have only been here for fourteen years. Certainly the town has always made us feel welcome.

  • Ted Kildea 4 years

    Great to see that Dennis is still active in his community and that some of his energy has obviously influenced Anne-Maree. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again some time in the future.
    Ted Kildea

    • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

      Thank you so much, Ted. I hope our paths will cross again soon.

  • Evelyn Pond 4 years

    I enjoyed listening to Dennis and Anne-Maree today. Their background on the Gospel and personal reflection were comforting and challenging at this time of Covid19 in particular.  Thankyou for your effort!   

    • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

      Thanks very much, Ev. Comments such as that are a great encouragement as we try to make our way through the preparation of this material every week. The exercise has really made us appreciate the effort that our priests and deacons make when they prepare homilies for us.