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  • Luis 4 years

    Of course we are who the Church always needs to keep our eye out for and rectify any institutional malpractices, and update those aspects of liturgical and other practices which are merely incidental to the timeless teachings of Christ.
    However we need to be wary in Australia of speaking as if malpractices here and in some other countries must therefore justify changes which may not be acceptable to the universal Church, lest unrealistic expectations result in predictable disappointment and loss of faith here, not to say schism.
    Similarly, I am mindful that following the last Council there were those in the Church who so welcomed some of the changes proposed that they seemed much more open to dialogue with our separated brethren in other ‘faith traditions’ including non-Christians, than they were to the sensibilities of some in their own Church, whose views they rejected and with whom they had no interest in dialogue, much less compromise.

  • Brenden T Walters 4 years

    Good book. Congratulations. If they ask why you wrote it, just say ‘Because’.