Beans the Musical Fruit: JPC’s Caritas Fundraising Efforts

- 5 April 2022 0

Beth Doherty with students from John Paul College in Nicholls’ Wednesdays at John Paul College (JPC) have taken on a new flavour during Lent, with ... Read More

Pancakes and ashes and fundraising

- 2 March 2022 1

Fr Anthony (Thonn) Riossa, Assistant Priest at Holy Spirit Parish, Amaroo visited Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School in Harrison on Tuesday, 2 March for pancakes ... Read More

Spare change making a huge change

- 25 February 2022 0

Colourful boxes start appearing at the beginning of Lent in parishes and schools. Last year, I even saw one in the local pub in the ... Read More

A Church that reflects the face of God

- 23 April 2021 0

The Hilltops region put on an autumn show for the Archdiocesan Women’s Taskforce as it consulted with women of Young, Boorowa, Grenfell, Harden, Cootamundra and ... Read More

Truth in a fractured church

- 11 May 2020 2

AS the Book of Ecclesiastes says, ‘there is a time for every purpose under heaven’. (Eccl 3:1) And so it was that 2017 seemed an ... Read More