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  • Joe Quigley 4 years

    Lovely story! Gr8 performance, Marina!

  • Colleen reed 4 years

    Wonderful family with a couple of scallywags too. Hi Klara. God bless you all

  • Phil Billington 4 years

    Wonderful playing Marina & great to hear about your work at the Child Care Centre! Thank you for sharing with us all. 

  • Bill 4 years

    Wonderful story. She is a blessing ! I have a Down’s syndrome sister too and she is a treasure. God bless. 

  • Ann Reynolds 4 years

    Lovely Marina-I miss your cuddles.Blessings to you Draga  and your amazing family. Ann Reynolds.

  • Susanna 4 years

    Wow Marina, thank you so much for playing that beautiful worship song for us!! You are a beautiful woman and it is so lovely to read about you and your lovely family. May God bless you and keep you safe!