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  • Beth Gibson 1 year

    I am glad that the Daily Voice acknowledged International,Women’s Day by publishing an article. I was surprised the article was written by a man! Surely we have many women in our Archdiocese who could have been invited to submit a refection? The article makes particular mention of motherhood, which is of course a great vocation. But I am a little uneasy because the article implies that the other roles women take on are somehow ‘less than’ the role of mother? The article lists various strengths and qualities and implies these are also particular to women, or even mothers. To my mind they actually reflect positive aspects of all people, regardless of their gender or parental status. I think we need to be careful about putting mothers on pedestals. I speak as a mother and grandmother! Like everyone else, mothers have good and tough days. We can be caring and loving, but also have times when we are angry and tired and resentful – we are simply people! By putting anyone on a pedestal, we suggest we expect them to be more than human, and this is not fair. Let us celebrate all women, not because we are special in some way, but because, like men, we are made in the image of God and deserve to be respected and listened to.

  • Olivia 1 year

    Why do women continue to degrade motherhood, through comments like this? Why bother? Too much time on their hands? While mothers are actually trying to get by and take great comfort in knowing that we actually contribute something to society?
    It makes me wonder what agenda these comments are really trying to promote. What void are they’re trying to fill? Re-read the article and try your best to ignore the fact that it’s written by a “man”.
    Its a good, encouraging article. let it go. Be positive!

  • Andrea Dean 1 year

    Thanks for acknowledging International Women’s Day.
    This is of course ‘a day’ that was created to celebrate women and to draw attention to the many ways in which women are not accorded the same rights or treatment as men.
    In Australia much progress has been made. However I cannot forget that
    “Violence against women and children is a problem of epidemic proportions in Australia. One in 3 women has experienced physical violence since the age of 15, and one in 5 has experienced sexual violence. On average, a woman is killed by an intimate partner every 10 days.”