The LORD is God!

The people of Elijah’s time were following Baal and had lost their trust in God. It is easy to look at them and say we are different; we follow God and would never follow false gods. 

Elijah is the prophet who trusts in God. He prays to God to bring His people back to their senses. We may need our own Elijah, not so much for those out there who don’t know God but rather for ourselves. 

What would happen if we prayed to God that he may reveal his truth to us? What would happen if we asked for the radical openness to accept the grace to let go of the things that we hang on to that protects us from radical discipleship?  What are the false gods in our life? There are so many for example money, position, the need to be right, the need to protect ourselves, and so on. 

We need the courage to allow God to speak the truth into our lives and to allow the power of his spirit to free us from all that is false in our lives so he can be truly Lord of all. 

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