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  • Anne Prendergast 4 years

    This is something that is very sad, particularly at Easter. Hopefully, the Coronavirus will end sooner than expected and we will all be able to return to our parishes and carry on as usual.

    Meanwhile, I am pleased to see that the Archbishop intends to carry out the Holy Week services online. I hope he is able to do so. But is very sad that we won’t be able to receive Holy Communion at this time.

    I will pray for the end of the Coronavirus sooner than later.

  • Leonard Trainor 4 years

    This is fine as far as it goes but the fundamental problem remains: we can no longer take the Eucharist. That is the problem to be solved.

  • Peter and Valerie 4 years

    We have particularly appreciated the intimacy of the Online Mass. It is also concentrated into a little over 20 minutes with no loss of impact.

    Our own parish at Holy Spirit is trying an interactive Sunday Mass based upon the same Zoom technology used by the Archbishop in his meeting with his priests.

    We also viewed the Pope’s extraordinary Urbe et Orbi homily at St Peter’s, in which the homily is presented as a viewable document, but subtle language controls enable selection of translations in a bunch of languages.

    These are all great initiatives, and for a Church always under the pump for being ‘behind the times’, we applaud her.    

    • Peter and Valerie 4 years

      Having been very supportive last night, we tried to view the Mass for today (Fr Paul). and gave up. The daily email first pointed us at the correct link, but later to just the homily. We have been trying to use an Apple Mac to get the recording, then stream it via AirPlay to a TV. We really need an Idiot’s Guide to OnLine Mass. ‘ 

      • Dear Peter and Valerie,
        Just wanted to let you know that due to a technical issue, we will not be able to present Mass online today. Fr Mannus Tellis OP will celebrate the Mass online for us tomorrow. Listen here to Fr Paul Nulley’s homily for Wednesday 1 April. Thanks for your understanding

  • Richard Thompson 4 years

    My thanks to Archbishop Christopher, Fr Tony our VG, Helen Delahunty and Victor Dunn for your initiatives and support in these days. Thanks also to Feliicity dF, Jeanine and Jasper for keeping and encouraging us in the e-world of communications. It was good to see and hear the priests today as I feel very connected. Take special care dear friends. 

  • Lynn and Richard Bale 4 years

    Our Thoughts and prayers are with Archbishop Christopher and all our Clergy. Please take care of yourselves. We have found all the online Masses Spirituality uplifting and a great comfort to us during these uncertain times. It so good that we have our faith to sustain us. Even though we can’t receive the Eucharist physically. We have embraced the idea of spiritual communion.

  • Caroline weller 4 years

    When st therese was a child, they only had access to the eucharist once a month at best. As catholic christians we have so many ways we can experience our God. Even in the mass, god is present in so many ways- many of which are still there in our e-masses – the holy word, the priest, the community.

    Let this time be a chance to explore the many ways god shows himself to us. I will be walking in nature experiencing to god’s creation with all my senses.

  • Serena Grassia 4 years

    At this time I particularly feel for our diocean priests who are indeed suffering the worst. Some of our priests are a long way from home and only see their families once a year on their annual leave. The community provides them comfort, joy and company, indeed it’s their vocation. Our diocesan priests must feel very alone at this time. The Religious leaders who have just recovered from bushfires also must be commended for their leadership in a summer which has been like no other in a long time

  • Elizabeth Rotolo 4 years

    We have our Bibles at home. God is fully present to us in the Scriptures; the Word can sustain us in our homes when we cannot access the Eucharist.
    A suggestion for clergy with time on their hands – Consider the courtesy of responding to, or simply acknowledging, correspondence, letters, emails etc, received from parishioners. Ignoring parishioners who take the time to communicate in writing with their priest or bishop is clericalism. Our clergy should not be too busy or too important to respond to a humble member of the laity.

  • Judy Kelly Goulburn Parish 4 years

    I have just recently purchased an IPad so I am very grateful to all who are making the masses and messages available to parishioners thank you all and may Mary and her Son bless and protect you:

  • Peter 4 years

    We really enjoyed the daily mass available from nominally 6am. Lately it seems to have given way to a 12.15 Online Live Streamed Mass which doesn’t seem to present as well technically even though the general impact in terms of its intimacy is excellent. 

    The Youtube recording probably has an advantage of buffering ahead on the transmission stream whereas live streaming takes pot luck.

    Anyway, you have the viewing statistics, and are in the best position to assess them.