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  • Daryl John Burnet 4 years

    Father Burnie patterson gave an inspired Homily today.

    Fr Burnie pointed out that we say yes or no in all circumstances. No compromise.

    Pray for all people, they are all Gods children. However, compromise is not an option. Jesus Himself said that if your presence and message are rejected, wipe the dust from your feet and move on.

    God is the God of history. He is more upto date than we are. In the computer world, computers work on 0 and 1. Yes or no. Computer virus people use compromise to confuse the computers. Does this explain confusion about gender identity. The evil one, satan, uses compromise and confusion in every way possible. People riot but are confused exactly why they are rioting and what outcome they expect.

    Do not jump ship like rats, St Louis DeMontfort, Don Bosco and others declared a remnant of true believers would remain faithful. Will you remain faithful or walk away like they did to Jesus in the Gospel. He told the mob, eat my Body, drink my Blood. Most people walked away, He asked his friends “will you also abandon me”.

    To whom shall we go Lord?