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  • Paul Burt 3 years

    I am not familiar with the details of proposed VAD legislation in Queensland. However, if the proposed legislation aims to ensure no one wanting VAD (by advanced directive) misses out on it by accidentally falling into the hands of a medical team opposed to VAD in their final illness, then a situation in which then a treating team opposed to VAD was then constrained to proceed with VAD would clearly deny the rights of the treating team to do what they believed best for the patient. This is not merely a question of legally insisting the patient’s rights take precedence of the doctor’s rights, it is an insistence that no other course of action could possibly be in the patient’s best interest! Such a position is remarkably presumptuous!

  • Anne Prendergast 3 years

    There should be a long-term prison term (or even prison for life) for doctors who carry out euthanasia.