WYD Blog: January 23 – A gathering of Aussies


Pilgrims from around Australia came together at the Australian Gathering in Panama this morning.

Following the opening service, pilgrims experienced catechesis with Archbishop Christopher Prowse.

Archbishop Christopher urged the pilgrims to be Catholic in two ways, vertical and horizontal. Vertical Catholics dare to say yes, as Mary did. They give themselves to the will of God.

His Grace also urged the pilgrims to be horizontal Catholics who work to Become, Belong and Be.


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  • Maryanne 5 years

    Hey Skye, sending you a big God Bless from Canberra.  Have a wonderful time and keep safe.  From Tom, Pat & Maryanne (former SMOOSH clients)

  • Patricia Mangelsdorf 5 years

    Great to see our own Fr Namora among the photos, and so obviously happy and involved. Have been thinking of you, knowing you will be making the most of every opportunity for ‘mission.’ We look forward to hearing about what you have experienced when you get back to Tumut. God bless, and stay safe.