- 4 June 2023 0

We often hear the cry and mantra, ‘we are an inclusive community.’ However, our starting point is not exclusion, but mutuality. We are baptised into the ... Read More

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

- 2 June 2023 9

Vladimir Lenin wrote (1904), One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Thinking of the ACT Government and Calvary Hospital we can transpose it: One Step Back, ... Read More

Australian Indigenous leader in the Vatican for week-long visit

- 2 June 2023 1

Dr Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, an Australian Aboriginal elder, teacher and artist, is in the Vatican for a week-long visit. During her stay, she will ... Read More

‘Efficiency wins, but humanity loses’: Archbishop Prowse meets with Calvary staff

Catholic Voice- 2 June 2023 3

Archbishop Prowse speaks with Calvary staff at a morning tea following the passing of legislation for the ACT government's forced takeover of the facility. "Efficiency ... Read More

Archbishop Prowse assures Calvary staff that he ‘stands with them’ as Bill passed

- 1 June 2023 7

From left; Calvary chief executive Martin Bowles, Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse and ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith Legislation giving the government the power to forcibly ... Read More

‘Favouring his mates’: Vicar reprimands PM over Calvary takeover

Catholic Voice- 31 May 2023 3

Click here to listen to this interview Transcript Ray Hadley: Tony Percy: The story that was published by Dennis Shanahan states that Anthony Albanese is ... Read More

Calvary to take legal action against ACT Government

- 30 May 2023 7

Calvary National Chief Executive Martin Bowles Calvary is ready to take legal action against the ACT Government’s proposed acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital, stating the ... Read More