Manila’s Catholic dioceses cancel public Masses amid rise in COVID-19 cases

- 4 August 2021 0

Catholic dioceses in the Metro Manila area of the Philippines have suspended public Masses for three weeks amid a rise in COVID-19 infections. The news ... Read More

Part Three: “What if the leaves said at the end of the summer: I want to die.”

- 4 August 2021 0

Even if today many are trained for euthanasia, believing it to be a part of patient care, I am convinced that there will always be ... Read More

The case for Jesus: Greg Sheridan’s Christians

Catholic Voice- 4 August 2021 0

Greg Sheridan seems like he has been around forever. For almost 30 years he has been The Australian’s foreign editor and one of the country’s ... Read More

Fear holding me back?

Catholic Voice- 4 August 2021 0

Today there was a chance that the Israelites could enter the promised land. They had escaped the Egyptians and been fed with Manna in the ... Read More

How a nonagenarian and a toddler became best friends in the pandemic

- 3 August 2021 0

"Cane Ball" is one of the made up games 2-year-old Benjamin Olson and 99-year-old Mary O'Neill play across their backyard fences. The two became best ... Read More

The face of homelessness in Australia is changing

- 3 August 2021 0

THE Federal Government has been called to intervene urgently as house prices soar, wages stagnate and housing affordability reaches crisis point. In National Homelessness Week, ... Read More

Part Two: “I had to request euthanasia for people to start taking an interest in me” 

- 3 August 2021 1

In this three part series, the Catholic Voice presents a selection of reminiscences by François Trufin, a hospital emergency nurse in Belgium. Part Two: "I ... Read More