‘Hidden’ & ‘Secret’

Catholic Voice- 27 January 2022 0

For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible. Nothing is secret except to come to light (Mark 4). In the spiritual tradition of ... Read More

Australia Day 2022

Catholic Voice- 26 January 2022 0

The Preface of the Mass today is very handy indeed: From ancient times you made this land a home for many peoples, and became their ... Read More

Online Safety Act to help protect children and vulnerable adults

Catholic Voice- 25 January 2022 0

Heightened monitoring for social media giants, sexual predators and online bullies has come into effect with the passing in parliament of the Online Safety Act, ... Read More

Pope’s Communications Day message: ‘Listening is essential for dialogue’

Catholic Voice- 25 January 2022 0

After focusing last year on seeing reality and conveying it to others, Pope Francis in his 2022 Message for the World Communications Day emphasized the quality of listening, which he ... Read More

Rescued from Righteousness

Catholic Voice- 25 January 2022 0

Paul of Tarsus was a scary dude.  Much like a modern-day militant, religious extremist, he was so convinced of the rightness of his fanatical brand ... Read More

The Echo

- 24 January 2022 0

Luke’s Gospel is proclaimed in 2022. The pithy prologue (Luke 1:1-4) offers three convictions when we listen to the Word of God. Confidence Luke writes ... Read More

The Spiral Of Euthanasia

- 18 January 2022 0

Recently, in Colombia, Victor Escobar and Martha Sepulveda received euthanasia within a few hours of each other. In both cases, they were suffering non-terminal diseases. ... Read More