Psalm 3

Catholic Voice- 6 April 2020 0   The Lord Helps His Troubled People A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom his son. 3 Lord, how they have increased who trouble me! Many are they ... Read More

Our Judgement

Catholic Voice- 5 April 2020 0

In his Extraordinary Moment of Prayer Address (27 March 2020), Pope Francis said this about COVID-19: This is not the time of God’s judgement, but ... Read More

The Anawim

- 4 April 2020 2 Anawim (pronounced ann-a-weem) is a Hebrew word from the Old Testament which describes the “poor ones” who remained faithful to God in times of difficulty. These ... Read More

Victory Beyond Death

Catholic Voice- 4 April 2020 1

At the start Jesus defined his new way of being, answering the question, ‘How should I lean into life in a way that gives life ... Read More

Inner Life: Prayer

Catholic Voice- 4 April 2020 1    “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” Mother Teresa .fn-mob-header{background:#9e8a9a;}.fn-header-row-logo {background-color: #9e8a9a;}.fn-header-row-logo {background: #9e8a9a;}a,a:hover,.color,.item-top.item-titlea:hover,.item-bot.item-titlea:hover,.fn-header-social-links a:hover {color: ... Read More

Unconscious Prophecy

Catholic Voice- 4 April 2020 0

As many commentators rightly note, the sayings in John’s gospel can be understood on many different levels. Take Caiaphas’ “unconscious prophecy” today: You do not ... Read More

Holy Week Masses live streamed

Catholic Voice- 3 April 2020 12

ALL Holy Week Masses will be live streamed from the crypt at St Christopher’s Cathedral. You can view the livestream on our YouTube channel The ... Read More