Let’s do better for our elders

- 9 July 2020 0

Ageing and death can be difficult issues. Most of us prefer to distract ourselves from these fundamental realities. As a result, however, our political discussion ... Read More

Deep connections after years of faithful service

Catholic Voice- 9 July 2020 0

The small parish of St Columbkille’s in Jindabyne has had two stalwarts retire in close succession of one another. Fr Peter Miller after twenty two ... Read More

Called by Name

Catholic Voice- 8 July 2020 0

As you go, make this proclamation: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.’” Today’s gospel reminds us of the fundamental reality that Jesus calls us ... Read More

Filling the space

Catholic Voice- 8 July 2020 0

In today’s reading from Hosea we hear about all of the ways that the Israelites tried to fill the space of God rather than seeking ... Read More

Reset the family over the holidays after months of COVID chaos

- 7 July 2020 0

“The world has changed over the past three months. It has brought huge challenges for both children and families and like adults, kids have coped ... Read More

Teaching basic skills on YouTube for kids without a father figure

- 7 July 2020 1

Rob Kenney’s painful past and his own search for God has enabled him to help others with absent parents. Rob Kenney’s dad abandoned him and ... Read More

Women In Scripture: Lydia

- 7 July 2020 1

This is the first in a series of articles about women in the scriptures. A short passage in the Acts of the Apostles introduces Lydia. ... Read More