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  • Mary Joyce 4 years

    Hope and pray this bill doesn’t go through we need to save the unborns and mother’s.  My daughters have been unable to have children and would love to have a child.  I agree with all you have said and thank and support you.

  • Heather Robinson 4 years

    No doubt Premier Daniel Andrews (if he remains Premier long enough) will eventually notice (if he hasn’t already) that there is a heavy cost to a nation which permits abortion…in a few years there will be no young people to continue the work. That nation will be more likely to be forced to take in immigrants.

    The best Australian is a born Australian.


  • Mirella Sadkowsky 4 years

    Most women seek abortions because they believe they have no other choice.

    “Instead of making abortions more available, our government should address the real issues women are facing, and provide them with genuine support, especially in situations of domestic violence. We need to ensure that women feel empowered to have and raise their children, and don’t feel that abortion is their only choice.” Give women with unplanned pregnancy better support rather than just advising and providing the so called quick fix. love and support both mother and unborn human being. please.

  • not prov 4 years

    Families are so grateful to the skilled doctors and nurses who assist when mother and/or baby find themselves at risk. We are surviving more and more scenarios of ill health. Here’s hoping the greater community can demonstrate such commitment to good outcomes in the face of potential tragedy.