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  • Rosemary Fairney 4 years

    What a perfect explanation on the Priests seal of Confession. It couldn’t have been explained better. 
    Guilty paedaphile are not likely to go to Confession,but keep it secret.
    We as Catholics must pray for our Priests,our Shepherds a great deal at this time.
    Well written Archbishop Prowse. May God Bless you heaps, Rosemary Fairney

  • Philip Pocock 4 years

    Beautifully said Archbishop. Breaking the seal of Confession would be a rejection of God’s Wisdom.

    Utilizing the sacrament, provided by Christ through our priests, for all parishioners, especially in areas of sexuality, and showing society that virginity for all until a faithful lifelong marriage is the only way to protect children.

    Aberrations like masturbation, contraception, fornication, fellatio, adultery and homosexuality are all CONTRARY to actual Church teaching and thus confessible sins. Would you want priests feeling free to diseminate your sins-stand up and support your Archbishop and priests against this perverted ACT government and do something to really protect children including your own.

    • JC 4 years

      Thank you Archbishop. This is such a challenging time in history to be a Catholic. The broad reaches of human nature, society and our place in the Universe have been exposed to scrutiny like never before. Science meets Religion head on- rocking the foundations of faith. We can turn to Jesus, and only Jesus (to paraphrase Archbishop Christopher’s recent sermon), to show us the Way. As a practising Catholic I believe that enumerating various human behaviours in excoriating judgment serves only to lead to the casting of stones.  Our Religion is based on the (impossible) pursuit of perfection. Condemnations are self-defeating and utterly contrary to the Divine simplicity of ‘Love thy neighbour’. One of my daughters is a lesbian. This is her nature. She was made in the image of God. I love her more than life. I hope that my fellow Catholics will follow the lead of Pope Francis in emphasising the two Great Commandments above all else.  “Only Jesus”.

  • davidsealey 4 years

    thank you archbishop. well said. pray for our priests.and that that pell is helped .

  • Tony Cassar 4 years

    Is it not the case that absolution can be conditional on the penitent report themselves to police? If this is the case, then, it would be useless to confess, as if they failed to report, then, there is no valid absolution. In the same way that unless there is genuine contrition there is no valid absolution. I can’t see how this proposed legislation is workable.

    • Denis Fitzgerald 4 years

      Well said, Archbishop Chris – recognising the problem, focusing on a solution.
      Making absolution conditional on reporting to Police sounds like a helpful development.

  • nessa 4 years

    A comment that reveals nothing of change, implying these situations of abuse will continue. The church has lost the right to stand on such explanations. The person who has suspicions councils his fellow to determine what is being revealed to them by God. The priest does not council the criminal, he reports him. This must not continue. If a priest has guilt at breaking the seal, he knows that God will hold him in his arms.

  • nessa 4 years

    thanks for including my post of difference … I’m praying about using the coming 40 days to pray for those who have been harmed … Catholic Sistas have a 40 day prayer option, plus we have the ones from 2018. My hope is that we will have leaders who will jump to creating a ‘Safety Plan’ comparable to ones implemented for those at risk of suicide. As Catholics we have Examen and the prayers of St Ignatius to promote healing and recovery. It’s up to us to seek insights and red flags through prayer and stillness with our Lord and Saviour. God bless all, in the face of vice and sickness of power, away from God’s Kingdom through the graces of the Holy Spirit.