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  • Joseph Quigley 4 months

    If the proposed new hospital is “essential” to cope with population growth on the Northside of Canberra, why can’t it be built in the far north? In Gungahlin, for example?
    It doesn’t make sense that one functioning hospital with a good reputation for medical care be replaced ‘in situ’  which can only mean that medical care will not be available for two to three years.
    J P Quigley

  • Anna 4 months

    There is something amiss in today’s society if anyone believes this action by a government in Australia is okay. It’s a sad day for our democracy. 

  • Vic and Maree Robinson 4 months

    This is just another strategy incorporated by Satan to rid our God’s  true Catholic religion from our societies and eventually the world.

  • Mark Vincent 4 months

    The ACT government and the Prime Minister has now alienated previous,  current and future patients,  labour supporters,  the Catholic Church and many other faiths who see this as a precedent for the future.

  • Matthew 4 months

    Thank you for your continued, fair and informative reporting on this situation. Great work!

  • Geoffrey Rogers 4 months

    As a Christian who practices his faith in the Anglican church I am compelled to express my support for the Catholic church in its opposition to this appalling proposal that the ACT government compulsorily acquire Calvary hospital in Canberra. This is an poorly disguised attack on our Christian faith and our stance on abortion and euthanasia. If this is allowed to proceed, where next? All of our faith-based institutions are at risk unless we all stand firm in our opposition and make our voices heard.

  • Elizabeth 4 months

    This move by ACT government is no surprise. Anyone who believes ACT govt or the territory courts follows the law is living under a very big rock. Faith,community and family based rights do not exist either in the territory. As euthanasia, state guardianship, coercion of vulnerable people ramps up.. be very afraid.