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  • Paul 4 years

    I very much appreciate these updates. 
    Thanks for the clear reports.
    It is so heartening to see the Catholic community of Canberra-Goulburn supporting each another with such goodwill and generosity.
    God Bless our priests, parishioners and all those families and people affected by this crisis.

  • Peter 4 years

    Thanks for these terrific updates Fr Tony – it is good to have such clear and important information.
    It is heartening too to see how parishes are supporting one another.
    So proud to be a Catholic in this generous Archdiocese.

  • Marie 4 years

    What a wonderful initiative and a real blessing to parishes affected

  • Gabrielle Wright 4 years

    A strength of the Catholic Church is its structure of parishes and dioces which can move very quickly to meet the needs of those who have sustained heavy losses. The south coast of NSW and the high country of NSW, located in our Archdiocese, were heavily impacted by the recent bushfires so it is wonderful that we can respond in the ways that have already been demonstrated.