Two Essential Ingredients

- 14 May 2022 0

The reading from Acts 14 places before us two essential ingredients for mission. Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch, one of the largest cities in ... Read More

Faithful & Fruitful

- 8 May 2022 1

The Good Shepherd, fresco, 3rd or 4th century, catacomb of Priscilla, Rome, Italy. The Gospel of John has seven ‘I AM’ statements, including ‘I AM ... Read More

No Blame Game

- 1 May 2022 0

  We hear the refrain – the mantra – over and over again in the Acts of the Apostles: A man has been killed, but ... Read More


- 25 April 2022 0

Luke loves angels. Right from the ‘get-go’ the angels announce salvation. Zechariah, Mary, and the Shepherds are all recipients of an encounter with the angels, ... Read More

Divine Momentum

- 17 April 2022 1

In his classic text Paul, tells us that we are baptised into Christ’s death and resurrection: When we were baptised in Christ Jesus, we were ... Read More

Colossal Meaning

- 11 April 2022 1

  Jesus enters the holy city of Jerusalem on a donkey and the pulsating crowd chants, ‘Hosanna.’ It is a Hebrew word that means, ‘Save ... Read More

From This Moment On

- 4 April 2022 0

‘Jesus and the woman taken in adultery’ is proclaimed in John 8. Brendan Byrne S.J. calls it a ‘precious gem’ (Life Abounding, 144). In his ... Read More