In Your Light We See Light

- 6 August 2022 0

The best symbol of faith is light: In your light, Lord, we see light (Psalm 36:9). There are two lights. The first light is the ... Read More

A Spanner thrown in the Works

- 30 July 2022 0

The Bible is great. Nothing is censored. Truth is told in various ways, utilising various literary techniques, aimed at enhancing our experience: The reader, the ... Read More

Sexual Values

- 15 July 2022 2

The secular understanding of human sexuality holds sway – even in religious communities. Young people are told to beware pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs). ... Read More

The Beginning

- 10 July 2022 0

Everything has a beginning. Everything has an end. It is not a bad idea to recall from time to time when we came into the ... Read More

Two by Two

- 3 July 2022 1

It is important to take seriously the sending out of the seventy-two disciples. The actions of Jesus and his words form a unity.    First, ... Read More

Water Faucet

- 26 June 2022 1

We are living at a time of enormous material wealth, probably unprecedented in human history. As a consequence we probably take a lot for granted. ... Read More

Medicine of Immortality

- 18 June 2022 2

There is just one adjective in the Our Father: Give us this day our daily bread. Commenting on the first two words of this petition, ... Read More