Lamb and Lion

- 3 December 2022 1

The Prophet Isaiah. An extraordinary Old Testament figure. His poetic writing is exquisite, and his spiritual insights profound. The prophecy in Isaiah 11 is unbelievable: ... Read More

Write It Down

- 26 November 2022 0

It just takes a few moments. The experts say that if you ‘write it down,’ you will remember it. Advent has begun. The word means ... Read More

‘We’ve done it!’ The Restoration of the World’s Only Greenstone Church

- 21 November 2022 10

The restored interior of Sts Peter and Paul's Church We’ve restored the ‘only greenstone Church in the world.’ We’ve done it. It was Tim Fischer, ... Read More


- 19 November 2022 1

What’s it going to be like? We know that the phrase Garden of Eden means Garden of Delight. Add the multiplier-effect of the resurrection – ... Read More


- 11 November 2022 2

Michelangelo (1475-1564) was a genius. Born in Florence, he was responsible for perhaps the greatest statue ever crafted – that of King David. Having dinner ... Read More

Poor People

- 5 November 2022 0

Fresco, by Fra Angelico, c. 1430s Pity those whose minds are closed, who only ‘see’ physical realities. Poor people: Those who say that there is no ... Read More

Comparisons are odious

- 22 October 2022 3

Created reality is replete with complementarity. For this reason comparisons are odious. You cannot compare ‘apples and oranges.’ You cannot compare ‘males and females.’ People ... Read More