Bishops condemn new asylum policy for US-Mexico border 

- 17 July 2019 1

WASHINGTON DC: The president of U.S. bishops’ conference issued a statement on Tuesday condemning a newly-announced rule on asylum eligibility. Read More

Wisdom, gratitude, healing, fellowship: A military family’s journey to Lourdes 

- 21 May 2019 0

LOURDES, FRANCE: Every pilgrim to Lourdes has their own motivations and reasons for making the journey. Read More

Catholics in US express frustration over border security stalemate 

- 11 January 2019 0

WASHINGTON, DC: Amidst the divide between building a wall and not building a wall, between reopening the government and continuing the shutdown, people suffer. Read More

Pakistani Supreme Court reserves judgement on Asia Bibi blasphemy case

- 9 October 2018 0

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has reserved judgement on the verdict of Asia Bibi, a Roman Catholic woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy. Read More