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  • Gregory SMITH 4 years

    I consider that ,overall, the  Australian judiciary has  for many years demonstrated many inconsistencies in both the decisions handed down and the sentences imposed.
    Cardinal Pell’s case is another one. Although I don’t have access to any of the court matters other than what was in some papers, I find it quite unbelievable that a guilty verdict could be handed down on the information available.. This ludicrous decision was then made worse when a Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.

    We can only pray that the correct result will present itself soon.

  • Brenden Walters 4 years

    Yes indeed Gregory. We can only pray. That is the best thing we can do. I pray for the Cardinal every day. I don’t know the outcome but I do know that God will do what is right.

  • Anne Prendergast 4 years

    I have been doing the same thing. If he is innocent,I*m sure He will look after him.