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  • Susan Swift 4 years

    Kate, your vocation should be lauded in every parish. You summed it up with “ this is what the church should be about, looking after the vulnerable in our community”  Not are you only living Jesus’s teachings but by giving you’re enhancing your own happiness which must become contagious in that environment.

  • Margaret Reynolds 4 years

    I have met Kate a few times when our paths crossed working with girls and men at Manuka Flats and Gowrie court. What I saw left me quite traumatized initially.I did not realize people lived in such difficult circumstances from such deprived backgrounds and how others manipulated them for their advantage.Through prayer, patience, and small helpful things i had time to do, i found it made a huge difference.The main thing people needed was someone they could talk to re their circumstances and someone to direct them for help needed. Most were very receptive.Kate has answered the Lords call and I pray she will have the focus and energy to direct others to assist in this most dire of needs in the Community.I talk to her sometimes to let her know about some of the girls.truly inspiring efforts by so many. .so much love and care for others who need to be guided towards God and His children..Margaret

  • Ann Clementine 4 years

    Hi Kate
    Its so wonderful to read where God has led you. I have not been in touch for ages but will renew my prayer commitment and assure you of my support in whatever way I can help. Such a life giving pathway for women in crisis and for their children is surely a work of God….in every way a GODsend. Thank you for your steadfast faith and persevering spirit. May God be praised!
    Every good wish and love and prayers!
    Ann C

  • Anne Rosewarne 4 years

    I too laud this work being done by Kate, I have recently read the book “Where God weeps” by Werenfried van Straaten, who was the founder of Aid to The Church in Need. this was such an eye opener to me. all over the world the poorest of the poor are oppressed and manipulated by those in power. There are many in our rich country who live in poverty and despair and so many of us turn a blind eye.
    But in third word countries there are literally millions of people who are ground into the earth, with no where to live without food without solace of any kind, where governments not only do not see them but actually hound them away from anywhere they might try to settle. Where ever we can we must reach out to these people, and what is being done here is a good place to start as it would be impossible to minister to the great needs of everyone in the world.May God continue to bless this work of Charity.