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  • Mary 1 month

    Very well done. We need to get back to prayer and be thankful for what we have. It was easy to see once we took prayer out of schools things would deteriorate and it has. 

  • Lucy Vera 1 month

    Thanks Mr Uhlmann for recognition that what we need on today’s society is to bring back God to our lives.

  • Simon 3 weeks

    Forget China – the greatest threat to what remains of Australia’s Christian heritage is the behaviour of so-called “christian” political leaders. Most of the avowed atheists in the Australian Parliament are more Christian in thought, word and deed than Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce, Dominic Perrottet and Tony Abbott have been or ever will be.

    The far right leader’s sacrifice of the elderly and medically vulnerable to Covid is one of the great moral outrages of our history. None of them of course offer themselves to be one of the casualties. It is always someone else who has to pay for their privileges.