Do you pray with your mum?

In times of great turmoil in the Church throughout history, the faithful have found hope and spiritual strength in praying with Mary. Perhaps in these times of uncertainty, we are being invited to renew our appreciation of the rosary. It is both a simple, comforting meditative prayer and a profound reflection on biblical truths. In it, we join in prayer with Mary, our mother, a human being exactly like us, except not held back by sin. She models what we can be by grace.

In the Annunciation, we can imagine Mary experiencing the whole roller coaster of human emotions such as fear, confusion, wonder, joy, and awe. Grace enabled her to respond with complete trust in God. The whole point is that grace can also enable us to make a similar trusting response, whatever our challenges, because “nothing is impossible to God.”

Lord, help us to appreciate the gift of your mother fully and actively.



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