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  • Keith 3 years

    Happy Birthday Jack, you are an inspiration to us all.  God Bless you mate and cheers!

  • CAROL LAM 3 years

    Happy Birthday Jack. What a wonderful story…cheers to Irish Cream! ☘🙏🎂 My Dad is Jack as well…did not make it to his 90th…to me he was the nicest man in the world…Father of 12….God Bless you Jack

  • Gavin O'Brien 3 years

    Congratulations Jack om your magnificent milestone. To have stayed “on the job” as an Acolyte until 99 years of age is awesome. I thought I was doing well at 71! Does anyone know who is the oldest serving Acolyte in the Archdioceses?

  • Margie Rysn 3 years

    Congratulations on your wonderfull milestone Jack. From Len and Margie Ryan Cowra