Lumen Christi farewells the Year 12 class of 2019

Classes at Lumen Christi came to a close this week for its Year 12 students. In what has been a fitting end to their journey, students participated in a range of celebratory events.  

Last week parents, teachers and friends of the year 12 students attended the Year 12 Showcase to celebrate their achievements. On display were a range of pieces including a magnificent Chook House called “Cluckingham Palace”, a Personal 4G Shark Warning System and stunning artworks. The talented Music and Drama drama students provided the entertainment for the evening and the Year 12 Hospitality students, the refreshments. 

During the week the  Year 12 students invited staff to come dressed as their favourite character and join them in a shared lunch. The students put on a wonderful spread which was received gratefully. College Captains Ashley Burke and Danielle Webber thanked the staff for their work during their time at Lumen Christi. 

Ashley told staff that ‘Every teacher I have had since year 7 has helped me to achieve all that I have and am currently doing. Today is to celebrate your influence on us as people, and how through this we have grown to become the Year 12 Students we are today’. 

Family and friends joined the Class of 2019 for the celebration of their Graduation Mass. At the Mass, each student had an active role in the liturgy. Emotions ran high during the mass as students were commissioned by the College into the next phase of their life.

On the last day for the year, 12 students Parents and Carers joined their children for breakfast and final assembly where they were farewelled by the whole College.  On their departure Principal Steve Centra reminded students that he was ‘extremely proud of the people they have become and are becoming – regardless of their ATAR!’

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