Marist Brothers’ observe Day of Remembrance and Lament

On Friday March 8, the Marist Brothers in Australia and their works paused to reflect on the hurt and pain suffered by the victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

The Day of Remembrance and Lament is held at the commencement of Lent each year.

The Prayer of Remembrance enables all Marists to pause and reflect on the profound betrayal of children abused in our institutions and its tragic consequences.

“The beginning of Lent is timely for us to stop and remember the enormous pain and suffering endured by too many”, said Acting Provincial Brother Darren Burge fms.

“The 2019 Prayer of Remembrance calls on all Marists to pray for the survivors of abuse who have been harmed by people claiming to be followers of Jesus and for the families of those abused who have carried heavy burdens as a result of the injuries inflicted on their loved ones.

“We pray for healing and peace for those who have and continue to suffer greatly as a direct consequence of these events.

“The Marist Brothers lament these terrible events and pray for forgiveness for the failure to protect, nurture and cherish young people in our care.

“We also recognise the significant impact these events have also had on Marists and we pray for all whose faith has been shaken by the abuse that has occurred,

“Our Institute was founded on the honourable ideals of St Marcellin Champagnat and we pray that we will be a community that upholds them and always cares for and protects all children”, said Brother Darren.

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