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  • Mary Hanna 2 weeks

    What about the First Communion crowds and the same for confirmation?  Surely they collected more than the usual collections.  I will not commit to this technology.

  • Lynn Bale 2 weeks

    I think this should be a gradual process as not all Parishioners are going to be Technology Savy. I would hate to see our  Priests suffer because they don’t get enough in the first collection.  The Second collection is not so bad because a lot of  people have got use to direct debit and credit card Payments.  Still quite a few people still used the Envelope System. I would  be interested to see how much money  Parishes got for the first collection when the Churches have been closed and online methods were only way to go.

  • EB 2 weeks

    This is not a welcome move. I use cash more now than ever as a hedge against the insidious and evergrowing government control over our lives. Once they eliminate cash they control us evermore. Shame on the Church for falling prey to this. You don’t think these atheistic socialists who run our world now won’t use this to silence believing Catholics who refuse to kowtow to the liberal dogma they push?