St Vincent’s commission Youth Ministry Team

On Friday May 17 St Vincent’s commissioned their Youth Ministry Team for 2019. Here is a transcript of the commissioning.

LUKE AND SARAH: Today we will be recognising and commissioning the St Vincent’s Youth Ministry team. It is a team of 35 year 5 and 6 students who have decided that they want to open their hearts to knowing Jesus and serving the St Vincent’s school and parish community.

After participating in the ‘Journey with Jesus’ retreat day, a number of students put their hands up to be a part of the Youth Ministry Team. Youth Ministry is where young people are spreading the messages of God to other young people in new ways, such as dramas, music, games and prayer.

The team will be working closely with Mr Maher and myself to go deeper into their faith and learn the skills to share their faith with others. The team will look into running mini retreat days for other students, leading class prayers and enhancing the faith life and mission of the school through a number of new and exciting ways.

I would like to invite some of the youth ministry team members who will share a little bit about their experiences in the St Vincent’s Youth Ministry Team so far.

What was the ‘Journey with Jesus’ retreat experience like?

TENEISHA: Hi my name is Teniesha and I am a part of the Youth Ministry Team. Today I will be talking about what my experience of the ‘Journey with Jesus’ retreat was like.

First of all, on the day I was feeling like the retreat would be boring. But then we started to do fun games that were messages of Jesus’ life. I also found it really amazing how they used kid friendly language that I could understand. The retreat day was something I had never done before but I would definitely do it again.

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Why did you want to be a part of the team? 

OLIVE: Hello my name is Olive I am in year five and the reason I wanted to be part of the youth ministry because I wanted to help out with the retreat days I also wanted to help out with the prayer liturgies.

Some of my friends also wanted to join like Amalija, she wanted to join because she thought it would be fun I also know Sarah who is in year 5, the main reason she wanted to join is because she wanted to help out with the younger kids when they have their retreat days. I am excited about what we are going to do.

What has the team done so far? And what do they hope to do in the future? 

JOSH: Hi everyone my name is Josh and I am year 6, and i’ll be talking about what the youth ministry team has done so far and what we hope to do in the future. So far this year the youth ministry team has led the holy week prayer celebration.

At the prayer celebration I stood at a table and gave the year 5 students the blood, water and oil. I really enjoyed leading the celebration with the other youth ministry team members because we had fun and learnt more about Easter. I am really looking forward to leading more retreats for the younger grades and working with Sarah our youth minister.

Explanation of the Candle

The school theme this year is “walk in the light” these year 5 and 6 students have chosen to walk in the light of Jesus as a part of the St Vincent’s Youth Ministry Team.

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Each team member has been given a special youth ministry team candle so that they can remember that the light of Jesus is always shining in their lives. These candles will now all be lit by the same flame showing that the whole team is connected through the light of Jesus.

 Candle lighting as a quiet song is played

  • Each YM team member gets a candle with St Vincent’s YM team logo 
  • Students also receive the commissioning pledge in writing

 Commissioning of youth ministry team

Student stand at the front with commissioning commitment cards and YM team candles

SARAH: I would like to invite all of the Youth Ministry Team members to now stand to make a commitment towards the Youth Ministry Team.

ALL: We have chosen to use our gifts and talents as members of the St Vincent’s Youth Ministry Team. We will offer ourselves to serve the St Vincent’s school community as workers and leaders in Christ.

We have chosen to joyfully open our hearts to Jesus and we hope to help others at St Vincent’s to do the same through acts of kindness and love.

Dear lord, help us to nurture one another in faith, uphold each other in prayer and encourage each other in service to others.

Through St Vincent de Paul, we hope to love and care for others by truly walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Lead into school blessing

Sarah – We want to thank the youth ministry team students for saying yes to this wonderful opportunity. To close our commissioning today, we would love for the whole school to read the prayer together for the St Vincent’s Youth Ministry Team.

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St Vincent’s Staff and Students closing prayer

Dear Lord,

We thank you for inspiring the hearts and minds of our year 5 and 6 youth ministry team leaders. Bless them as they serve the St Vincent’s school and parish community with love and kindness.

We ask that you support them in their year of ministry as they serve us and others.

We pray that they continue to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, teaching us all to do the same.



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  • Patricia Farner 10 months

    I am an advisor for a St. Vincent de Paul Youth group at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Lexington, NC. I read your commissioning prayer and would like to use some of this with our commissioning ceremony December 18, 2022. 
    Thank you for what you do.