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  • Margaret McDonald 4 years

    Thank you,  Archbishop Christopher,  look forward to updates

  • Therese Ventura 4 years

    Come Divine Will bless Australia xox Thanks Jesus loves you too xox

  • James R Smith 4 years

    The Press (CT 24 March) in three separate articles states that places of worship are closed. The Protocols state that “Churches will remain open for private prayer”. Which advice is correct. If the Churches are closed and only remain open for private prayer where will baptisms, funerals and weddings be held.

  • Gunther Mau 4 years

    This also creates an opportunity to be closer to GOD. Why not use our normal Mass times for a personal communication with GOD instead? I suggest that in addition to our normal prayers we talk to God like we would talk to our father. And isn’t that what Jesus taught us to do…?