A Christmas Message from Archbishop Christopher Prowse

The Christmas Season gives us a great opportunity to reflect more deeply on the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ in the humble manger in Bethlehem.

Like all newly born babies, Jesus is totally defenceless. By defenceless I mean that he is totally dependent on his parents. Mary and Joseph look after him in every way as any loving and caring parents would for their new born babe.

At the end of the life of Jesus we find Him again being totally defenceless on the Calvary Cross. Now as an adult, taking the sins of the world on Himself, he goes from the wooden manger to the wooden cross and is totally dependent on God, our Heavenly Father, to raise him up at the Resurrection.

Also, during the life of Jesus, from birth to death, he is often heard expressing his total dependence on his Heavenly Father, who He calls “Abba.”

Let us unite with the defencelessness of Jesus at this Christmas time. Let us therefore become totally dependent, like the new born babe Jesus, on the Lord while facing the challenges of our daily life.

We become defenceless when we listen really carefully to others rather than talking. As we gather with our family and friends over Christmas time, let us be conscious of listening and building bridges by becoming vulnerable and defenceless in the face of everyday family challenges.

At the same time, many of those on the periphery of life find they are totally defenceless regarding their need of the basic necessities of life, things you and I take for granted at Christmas time. Let us be extra sensitive to their needs.

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Happy Christmas to you all and may God bless you and your families.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn December 2019


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  • Matt Casey. 5 years

    As always inspirational words from our Archbishop 

  • Edward (Mike) Mooney 5 years

    Words from a humble bishop – but humble leadership that is greater because of Jesus – you are connected

  • Bronwen Grey 5 years

    Genuine and sincere words which we have come to expect from our Archbishop. We are very grateful.