- 10 January 2022 0

Father’s Embrace by Ruth Tietjen Councell It is a very long tradition in the Church. That is, celebrating the Baptism of Jesus so close to ... Read More

Lean in

- 31 March 2020 0

In today’s readings, the Israelites are in difficulty in the desert - complaining about their circumstances and thinking nostalgically of the conditions they left behind ... Read More

My Spirit in You

- 29 March 2020 2

The Lord told Ezekiel, ‘I will put my spirit in you my people, and you will live. Maybe stay with that for a while. Ask ... Read More

Twists and Turns

- 11 July 2019 0

St. Benedict (480-547) is one of those “foundational saints.” At a time of moral, civil and cultural collapse, he discerned a rule of religious life ... Read More

He Gave Them Authority

- 10 July 2019 0

I wonder what the Apostles felt when Jesus summoned them and gave them their mission. He passes to them his authority to bring healing and ... Read More