St Joseph’s O’Connor celebrates start of golden jubilee year

- 29 October 2022 1

Celebrating the beginning of its golden jubilee year and the installation of a beautiful new statue, St Joseph's parish at O'Connor was designed and built ... Read More

Conversations on Faith welcomes Dr Robert Tilley

- 5 July 2022 0

Dr Robert Tilley To love someone is to want to know more about them. Who they really are, how they think, and what they want you to know.  The ... Read More

President gives opening address to second council assembly

- 4 July 2022 0

At the Council’s opening session on Monday morning, the Members of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia were invited to carry “a deep consciousness of ... Read More

Blood is thicker than water

- 18 June 2022 0

The proverb' Blood is thicker than water is a profound and true one. Yet not necessarily for reasons, we might first think. Many understand the ... Read More

Tongues of Fire

- 4 June 2022 0

What about those ‘tongues of fire’? At Pentecost, a powerful wind hit the house, the noise was palpable: And something appeared to them that seemed ... Read More

Most Disgusting Penalty

- 21 February 2022 0

Crucifixion Panel of the Isenheim altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald which was created between 1510 and 1516. Some Christian teaching can be grasped and understood by ... Read More


- 14 February 2022 0

We are warned about the dangers of wealth (Luke 6): Blessed are you who are poor: yours is the kingdom of God. Alas for you ... Read More