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  • Carmel Henry 3 years

    Fr Ken and the MGLs have been a blessing to my life for 35 years. 
    I am so grateful that they led me to have a personal relationship with Jesus my Saviour through the Holy Spirit and led me to realise the importance of forgiveness to be able to walk in the victory of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
    We can all be very proud of this Australian order of priests that started right here in Canberra. 

  • Majda Kajkic 3 years

    I’m so greatful to God to have MGLs in Canberra and in my life.
    I’ve been their spiritual associate for many, many years and I recommend others joining the ‘MGL Spiritual Association’ – you want be disappointed. They are a constant reminder that we belong to God and that our lives are not our own. They’ve given up their own ambitions to take up the call of God. They are a visible reminder that we must do the same.
    It is a delight to follow MGL sisters on their Facebook page – with their humorous but touching recordings that lighten my heart and lift my spirit to Jesus our God and Saviour.