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  • Veronica Taylor 4 years

    Goodness gracious — imagine what the Church could be if it tapped the leadership and governance talent of its women! (Something that leaders of women’s religious communities have been thinking for centuries). So many faithful laywomen are leaders in the  community  and in Australia’s secular institutions, but the Australian Church leadership has never paused to ask, ‘How could we invite them to help us’? At a time when the Church has been weakened by really poor governance and loss of integrity, some truth-telling from women of faith is just what it needs – and we hunger for.

  • Mary Corkeron 4 years

    Best news I’ve heard in 50 yrs step hopefully to be equally appointed. Women’s perspective brings a wholeness to the table. Thank you Archbishop Mark for this move Mary Corkeron rsm. 

  • Pat Atkins 4 years

    Great news Archbishop Mark many blessings to you and Cathy Uechtritz in this enormous new step in the church in Australia. 1

  • Joseph 4 years

    It’s a step in the right direction. Our goal? To see Canon Law changed so that the ordained share their authority with laymen & women. Clericalism will not fade away. The Bishops, like Archbishop Mark, must be prepared to chip away gradually at current obstacles.

  • Gavin O'Brien 4 years

    A very progressive move by Archbishop Mark, yet not a surprise to me. It would be good to see similar moves by the other Bishops and Archbishops in Australia. As I understand it, Cannon Law is not immutable. It can be changed to reflect a changed understanding of “Church”.

  • Dennis Sleigh 4 years

    This is wonderful news and as others recognise this step by Archbishop Mark I would expect that they too will officially recognise and acknowledge the contribution that women already make to the functioning of our church. Thank you, Archbishop, and thank you Mrs Uechtritz for taking this step. May it signal the development of increased communication between all levels of our church.

  • Amy Daniel 4 years

    Very clever and exceptionally impressive maneuvering by the Archbishop. There really is no question that women need to have a say in making decisions about the people who will minister to 50% of the population, is there? Hopefully he will a role model to convince other members of the ecclesiastical leadership there are alternative ways of dealing effectively with the real needs of the Church today, than mere obedience.

  • Mary Murphy 4 years

    What a great idea only wish other Bishop’s take a leaf out of Archbishop Mark Coleridge book. There is lots of women out there that are very highly educated in RE and could help the Bishop and priest in decisions making. Well done Archbishop Mark.

  • John Warhurst 4 years

    Important step forward. It shows what can be done with a bit of creativity. Very encouraging. Well done.

  • Rosina Grima 4 years

    I agree. In my parish mostly women does a lot of work.

    We need to share the load to all. Body of Christ.

    We all are. Thanks