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  • Amanda 1 year

    Wow, what a wonderful story. God bless Mel and her family.

  • Christiane 1 year

    Bless you, Mel.  You certainly are an inspiration to us all  

  • Barb Garrety 1 year

    Well done Mel. We are so lucky to have you in our Parish. Your friendly smile will encourage us to follow your advice and “Don’t Give Up”. May your Faith journey continue to be “meaningful and fun”.

    Barb Garrety

  • Doreen Robinson 1 year

    Beautiful witness from Mel. Many blessings as you receive the gifts of the Holy spirit in confirmation. Singing is a wonderful creative and healing activity.

  • William Smith 1 year

    Well written Donald. Love Mum and Dad

  • Adrian Chan 1 year

    God bless you Mel and your family for your witness and faith in God through the tough times.

  • Bill 1 year

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story Mel. God is wonderful! 
    Many blessings in your journey ahead.