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  • Martin Nicol 3 years

    Let’s hope no school children are injured in the 40kph zone over the next few month or this will be seen a missing the point.

  • Gary Potts 3 years

    Good idea, but I bet Fr Percy does not donate to “Catholic Care Canberra & Goulburn” that way again.

  • Paul Burt 3 years

    I would offer to do the same with my fine from the same area heading south across London Circuit towards the 60kph sign at a mere 46kph

  • Ann Clementine 3 years

    I am impressed with practical positive thinking- where everyone is a winner. Thanks Father Tony!


  • Beth Gibson 3 years

    Mmmm, so are we advocating a system where anyone who breaks the law is encouraged to determine their own penalty?? Just asking. The fines we pay, when we break the law, are used by the government of the day, elected by the people of the ACT, to support all the community services we all benefit from, including homeless people.

  • Mary M 3 years

    Thanks, Fr Tony, for highlighting MacKillop House – a most worthy cause! Until now I wasn’t aware of this new accommodation facility for women and children experiencing homelessness in Canberra. Your donating the waived fine is generous! Others would keep it. The ACT govt’s accepting your proposal is gracious! For anyone interested and able to assist this much needed facility I found it easiest to ring CatholicCare’s accounts dept on 62954314 (bh). Arrange your donation with them and ask for it to be directed to MacKillop House. They told me ‘all [such] donations go towards supporting the women and their children.’ Go ahead folks – and give something if you can. It will be gratefully received!