Toxic and healthy relationships presentation proves popular

David and Katie Kobler. Photo supplied.

Over the last couple of years the Catholic Identity team at Catholic Education have been collaborating with the Archdiocesan Marriage, Family & Relationships team to bring good quality Professional Learning opportunities to Catholic teachers.

The collaboration specifically targets the needs of teachers who must address issues of sexuality, relationships and self-image with young people, either in the curriculum or pastorally within the wider school setting.

This year’s seminar was particularly popular with 63 teachers registering to hear David and Katie Kobler of YourChoicez present on “Toxic and Healthy Relationships: Modelling and Teaching Healthy Relationships”.  

David and Katie now work as a husband and wife team speaking and have spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people across Australia and New Zealand.

But they each came to this work individually through firsthand experience and experience as youth workers, of the dire need young people have for some wisdom and guidance in thinking through relationship decisions.  

They are big advocates of helping teachers and parents to ‘open up the conversations’ with young people. They seek through their workshops to empower teachers and parents to provide helpful answers to the very real question which cause deep concern to young people.

This Teacher Professional Learning seminar will be repeated at Hennessy College on Monday 9th September 4-6pm for teachers in the Western Deanery. Enquiries contact to hear a 15 minute interview with Katie and David go to   OR .

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