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  • Beth Gibson 3 years

    This is indeed a complex and fraught issue, and I am pleased to see that Fr Percy has mentioned the option of refusing burdensome medical treatment. As I reflected in a previous post, I feel this is an aspect of the whole end of life debate that has been sadly lacking, and perhaps confusing for many people. I think people do fear a life without meaning or purpose, but they also probably fear a life of pain and indignity. We need to consider all these complexities!

  • Anne Prendergast 3 years

    The answer is palliative care. I have a good Catholic Solicitor and I am about to change my Will to make sure I have palliative care, and definitely not euthanasia, and that I have Last Rights and a Requim Mass at the end of my life. And if I get to the stage where I can’t look after myself, I go to Calvary Nursing Home. Meanwhile, I have also joined Right to Life. I often think that some people don’t believe in Life After Death.