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  • Simon Fenwick 3 weeks

    The proposed annexation of Calvary Hospital represents the kind of actions you expect from a tyrant in North Korea or China – this is Australia – for heaven sake -leave them get on with their great work!

  • Giuseppe Settineri 3 weeks

    I think this lefty government wants to destroy Christianity and we will have no say in our Catholic Schools and our Churches
    that is also why the greenys and the Labor party wants the voice for the people to vote yes i say vite no God help us

  • Margaret Shaw 3 weeks

    This is a further discriminatory attack on the Catholic Church. I guess this is  only the beginning of what the ‘evil one ‘ has in store for Christian  institutions

  • Simona George 3 weeks

    We have to move away from American dictatorship.. we need a new government that will back this nation 
    Otherwise we are destroyed 

  • Gerard Flood 3 weeks

    Signed. A despicable attack. Sadly, when in the 2019 Federal Election campaign ALP opposition Leader Shorten’s policy was for increased access to abortion, a spokesman for St Vincents Health Australia was quoted in the SMH that “St Vincent’s Health Australia’s facilities have long-standing arrangements in place to care for women who request termination which ensures that they are able to access care and support from other providers if that is their wish,” That statement, most regretably, has not been publicly corrected by any prime Catholic authority, despite representations to one ordinary. Perhaps we are now seeing one consequence of apparent official unconcern or acquiescence at one careless, or worse, major Catholic institution’s PR error.

  • Ranipulikkal 3 weeks

    will fight for our faith till the last breath of our life. JESUS IS LORD. AVEMARIA

  • Natalia 3 weeks

    Save Calvary hospital!
    of course, as long as we have as much consultation as the referendum on the voice…. totally unaustralian! disappointing and divisive..

  • Judith May 3 weeks

    Sign the petition and pray the Rosary and let our Lady fight the battle for us.

  • Gerard Say 3 weeks

    The Catholic Church has a well-earnt reputation for providing outstanding healthcare for the entire Australian community in dozens of locations across the continent.

    Now the current ACT Government wishes to terminate the Calvary Public Hospital in Canberra despite the Hospital’s long history of catering for the Canberra Community.

    How can the Catholic Church’s opposition to procurring abortions and to cooperating with ending early the lives of the sick and aged be sufficient reason for Catholic Health being obliterated in its mission to serve the general public?

    Jesus, our Redeemer, set the model for meeting first the needs of the poor and the marginalised. Catholic Health exists to provide PUBLIC HOSPITALS first.

    In a relatively compact City like Canberra, the few medical services that the Catholic Church cannot ethically provide are easily accessible from other agencies.

    Should the ACT Government proceed with this takeover, the one notorious act will mark their time in office no matter what their other achievements may turn out to be.

  • fanny morandarte 3 weeks

    Signed. It is an outrage on the people’s rights. Why is the Canberra gov’t trying to railroad this matter by going about it without the people’s knowledge? Come on, be transparent and show your true colour. We are in a democracy, not a dictatorship.

  • Rose 3 weeks

    Catholic Religious Australia and members please take action.

  • Glenda 3 weeks

    Has Andrew Barr been hurt by the church? is there long term pain and frustration which is now being enacted due to his position in power?
    Is it about controlling the extensions?
    it makes me sad that a 120 year lease can be broken with a stroke of a pen.
    sounds like they need our prayers.

  • Lynn Bale 3 weeks

    I despair at the decisions made by the ACT Government. To take over the running of Calvary hospital is one of them. I wish they would leave Calvary alone which is being run efficiently By the Church and concentrate on fixing up the mess at Woden Hospital.

  • Tanya 3 weeks

    Same as Mugabe taking over land in Zimbabwe, no different. This is what Australia has come down to. Dictators.

  • Tracey Blomfield 3 weeks

    I just sent this to the Canberra Times…”The ACT government’s takeover of Calvary hospital is utterly wrong & the Catholic church should continue to fight this. if it is because they do not perform abortions or sanction euthanasia they are rightfully adhering the moral absolutes of our Sovereign Lord. Thou shalt not kill. Abortion is murder of a helpless unborn child who has no rights under our present laws”. Tracey Blomfield

  • Valerie jhonston 3 weeks

    having been a patient at both Canberra and Calvary hospitals with my late husband over the past four years there is no comparison the conditions and services at Calvary far outweigh those of Canberra which is back in the 80s keep Calvary alive we need you

  • Jan Adami 3 weeks

    Democracy is about to be taken over by the lefties. How about a march on Parliament before this spreads Australia wide.
    At 75 I am up for it.

  • Stan Wilkes 3 weeks

    That was an incredible interview with Credlin, congratulations and blessings with your way forward. We support you 100%.

  • Heather Zakrzewski 3 weeks

    This is an outrageous attack on democracy, a fine medical institution and religious freedom. This looks like the behaviour of a communist dictator and if they get away with it, it’s the thin edge of the wedge. We must fight it with our voices, petitions and prayers.

  • Tom 3 weeks

    The impending theft of Calvary Hospital by the woke Labor Government is outrageous and clearly driven by the shutting down of Christianity.

    Where will this end?

  • Brian Gibbon 3 weeks

    If this type of government exists in our national capital, then the Australian War Memorial needs to be relocated to another state, preferably one that respects the freedom and democracy that so many Australians and New Zealanders fought and died for. May God have mercy on these ignorant decision makers and protect the people of the ACT against such atrocities.

  • Kaki Stephanie 3 weeks

    Please Leave Calvary Hospital alone it is a great help to the Canberra Community.
    It is a mission to serve the general public not selfishness.

  • John Donnelly 3 weeks

    The law in Australian States and territories is binding on governments. The ACT government’s takeover of Calvary Hospital is a massive criminal act. It is extraordinary that they believe they can do this. Does the law exclude them from prosecution, or is it just that they would have to be prosecuted by the ACT Attorney General? The assurance that they will pay compensation at a level of their choice does not decriminalise their actions. If I took over my neighbour’s car and promised that I would pay what I judged it to be worth, i might still be convicted of crime and likely go to prison. Are the ACT prisons big enough to accommodate the government?

  • Jane 3 weeks


  • Cicelia McRae 3 weeks

    Calvary is a wonderful hospital and pls do not let it taken over by the Government. My husband stayed there several times after his numerous accidents. Just hope and pray that it will remain its present status forever.

  • Anne McCauley 3 weeks

    My father died in 1941 when I was 5 years old. He was. Methodist, yet he asked my mother .when he was dying, that he be nursed by the nuns at the Mater hospital , Crows Nest , Sydney. He saw how compassionate and caring the hospital was. These religious ethics still apply today. We must pray to preserve and protect our Catholics institutions.