Three ways Queensland’s assisted dying bill goes too far

- 16 September 2021 3

The Queensland parliament, like the Victorian parliament four years ago, is committed to legislating for voluntary assisted dying. The bill being considered by the one-chamber ... Read More

Signs of hope in a thinking Church

- 1 July 2021 2

IN his book Superpower: Australia's low carbon opportunity, the leading economist Ross Garnaut writes: “The most rigorous, comprehensive and influential treatment of the ethics of ... Read More

The power and obligation to raise our voices.

- 10 June 2020 7

“Our God is with us as we witness the policeman’s knee on George Floyd’s neck as he pleads, ‘I can’t breathe’”.  So writes Fr Frank ... Read More

My first Mother’s Day without Mum

- 14 May 2020 2

Bringing home nine day old Frank from hospital in March 1954. Not all mothers are perfect.  But in a broken world, we give thanks for ... Read More

Lessons Learned from Pell’s Sad Saga of Suffering

- 20 April 2020 0

Two weeks before Cardinal George Pell faced the jury of his 12 fellow citizens who convicted him of vile sexual assaults on two choir boys, ... Read More