FROM AN OLD ROMAN – 11 St. Peter’s: Constantine

- 22 February 2021 1

An early Christian mosaic, possibly the earliest known, decorated the ceiling and walls of a mausoleum close to area where St. Peter is supposed to ... Read More


- 18 January 2021 1

In most seminaries at that time, Thursdays and Sundays were days off. So we had lectures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Friday ... Read More

FROM AN OLD ROMAN – A Good Samaritan…

- 12 January 2021 1

Lectures started the next day and we gathered in the Great Hall to hear the wisdom of our elders. The Hall held about 400 students ... Read More

FROM AN OLD ROMAN –“Euntes docete omnes gentes”

- 11 January 2021 0

After those “settling-in days” came the real work for which we had travelled 10,000 miles, the spiritual, academic and cultural exercises to test our vocation ... Read More

FROM AN OLD ROMAN – Auto-Formation

- 7 January 2021 2

Settling in to Prop were busy and challenging days as we came to terms with a missionary Church, rather than an Anglo-Celtic Church. Apart from ... Read More

FROM AN OLD ROMAN – “O Roma Felix…”

- 21 December 2020 0

Pope Urban VIII (1568-1644), with His Nephews Cardinal Francesco Baberini (1597-1679), and Cardinal Antonio Barberini (1607-1671); Stockport Heritage Services We arrived at Prop at 8.00 ... Read More

From an Old Roman – Assisi

- 8 December 2020 0

We left Lourdes on our last leg to Rome, 2nd October 1957, with a stop at Assisi on the 4th, the feast of St Francis. ... Read More