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  • Margaret Ryan 2 years

    THANK YOU Joe and Fr Johnny for the marvellous, empathetic, untiring and caring love you generously give to so many people in Canberra Hospital in the midst of a dangerous pandemic. Hopefully your ministry is greatly appreciated by patients, their families and friends and medical colleagues. It is Godly work: love poured out.

  • Maureen Blackmore 2 years

    A very big thank you to Deacon Joe for his loving care whilst I was recently a patient in Canberra Hospital. He visited me during the week and returned on Sunday morning to bring me Communion. That week had been a very big one for his family. They had a daughter married on the Friday, and with family visiting, brought forward a celebration of a ‘special’ birthday for his wife, the beautiful Wenda, on the Sunday. I couldn’t believe he’d taken time out on that busy Sunday for hospital visitations! How especially blessed I felt.

  • mick o'donnell 2 years

    Well done, Joe. It is so obvious that you’ve been called by God to this ministry. May you, Wenda and the family, and those you pastorally care for continue to be blessed by your special presence witnessing to the Lord. Proud of you mate, Deacon Mick and Cora