Confirmation retreat prepares students for their faith journey

- 14 June 2019 1

The Retreat was a day filled with God’s word, excitement and community through the dedicated Year 10 CSYMA class and their fellow Year 6 students. Read More

Waste Warriors, Bin Monitors and Nude Food

Chris Gordon- 23 May 2019 1

Sure, there’s no substitute for good old fashioned book learning. But there’s a lot more going on at schools these days than just readin’, writin’ ... Read More

Getting on with life for the Rummerys

- 19 March 2019 4

Several fellow deacons and their wives recently travelled from Canberra and Boorowa and met with Deacon Paul & Jo Rummery at Bateman’s Bay. Read More

When losing everything isn’t losing everything

Chris Gordon- 24 January 2019 9

For Deacon Paul Rummery of Tuross Heads, his life changed for ever on the evening of Friday December 21 as he and his wife Jo ... Read More

Coastal Deanery farewell for Father Dominic Byrne

- 29 November 2018 2

The last Coastal Deanery meeting for 2018 was concluded with a farewell lunch for and with Fr Dominic Byrne. Read More

Jessica rallies the troops to save Unit

Chris Gordon- 25 October 2018 3

If the Cadet movement was looking for someone to build an advertising campaign around, they couldn’t do a lot better than Jessica Glover. Read More

Latest appointment news: Moruya and Cathedral

Catholic Voice- 8 October 2018 0

Archbishop Christopher Prowse has announced appointments to the positions of Assistant Priest (Cathedral) and Administrator (Moruya). Read More