Plenary Council

Listening and Dialogue ‘landmark moment’ for Church

Catholic Voice- 11 March 2019 0

The Council’s Listening and Dialogue stage is considered a “landmark moment” for the Catholic Church in Australia. Read More

Five weeks left for Listening and Dialogue phase

Catholic Voice- 31 January 2019 1

Plenary Council president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB says he’s expecting another flood of responses from people across the country. Read More

Lapsed Catholics are Catholics too

Chris Gordon- 22 January 2019 11

Catholic Voice Journalist CHRIS GORDON pondered the role of less-active Catholics in the Plenary process and offers this opinion piece. Read More

November surge takes Plenary Council numbers past 30,000

- 27 December 2018 0

The Plenary Council 2020 received more than 2000 submissions during November, matching the number of responses the landmark process had received in the previous five ... Read More

Christmas Massgoers invited to share story, shape future

- 21 December 2018 0

With Catholic parishes across the country set to be full to overflowing next week, the Christmas season is being seen as a great time to ... Read More

What’s involved in the Plenary process?

Catholic Voice- 22 November 2018 1

As the Plenary Council listening and dialog sessions are making their way around the Archdiocese, it's a good time to look at what’s involved. Read More

Archdiocesan Women’s Plenary Consultation moves into second stage

- 15 November 2018 1

The second stage of the Catholic Women’s Consultation will be held on Saturday December 1, from 10am to 2 pm at St Francis Xavier College, ... Read More