Heart to Heart – Session 9


  1. Do you have any experience of the “Dark Night of the Soul” in your life?
  2. How do you respond to “struggles” in your prayer?
  3. How have the struggles and darkness in the lives of others helped you?

Please find below a list of the resources Archbishop Christopher referred to in Session Nine of the Heart to Heart eSeminar

Many of these items can be purchased through the Canberra Catholic Bookshop. Please contact (02) 6239 9800 or go to https://www.catholicbookshop.org.au/

Set Pools of Silence in this Thirsty Land Booklet
Contemplating the Silent presences of God

by Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Journey to the Heart Christian
Contemplation Through the Centuries: An Illustrated Guide
By Kim Nataraja

Handpainted crosses from the
Ltyentye Apurte Community



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  • Inger 3 years

    I have find your semainars very intersting and also funny from time to time.
    I live in Sydney ans I also find the masses from your church very rewarding.

  • Pauline Odonnell 3 years

    I would love the name of the song Bishop Christopher sang this week and the author please.

  • Patricia Mary 3 years

    Archbishop Christopher, thank you so much for the time and effort you and your staff have put into these sessions, they have proved extremely helpful. I now have a love for the psalms and am praying the Divine Office.I can now sit silently before the Blessed Sacrament feeling Jesus’ presence in an empty church, 20 minutes can pass before I realise it.I found sessions 7 & 8 challenging, but you provided much to draw on. The resources that have been put on the Web Site plus the ability to revist past sessions is extremely helpful.I am certainly not up to the standard of participants in the Chat Room, but I feel my prayer life is growing. So once again thanks to you and your staff. I look forward to the 15 Sessions. Patricia