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  • conor 5 years

    Who is the Fr Astill mentioned in the headline for this timely story. I don’t recognise the name.What parish is he in?

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. Fr Astill is a Jesuit priest who is currently looking after the Cathedral and Yarralumla and will be taking up an appointment at Moruya in the new year.

    • Sheila van Gent 5 years

      Fr Steve Astill is a JESUIT who is working as a diocesan priest at present . We are pleased to welcome him in Yarralumla at present before he goes to Moruya

      • conor 5 years

        Thank you. It’s good media practice, I’m sure you agree, to indicate the status of the contributor e.g. staff writer, correspondent or, in this case, something like Fr X is a priest at X. By the way, I’m a keen fan of the Jesuits whose record was among the best of all the Catholic Orders examined at the Royal Commission on …Abuse.