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The silence of the activists

- 3 March 2020 1

A total of 52 people were killed in the first six months of Victoria’s euthanasia regime, with another 29 having been approved for death by ... Read More

From bad to worse on euthanasia

- 14 February 2020 0

The legal killing of an ever-widening range of individuals is expanding across Australia. There are lots of really terrible things about the quick succession in ... Read More

Film about legalised euthanasia provokes insightful discussion

Catholic Voice- 20 August 2019 0

More than 50 people, including some medical personnel, attended a screening of the documentary film Fatal Flaws on Sunday August 18 at the Haydon Hall. Read More

Assisted suicide threatens the entire medical profession, doctor warns

Catholic Voice- 20 February 2019 0

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: Assisted suicide contradicts the foundations of medical ethics, warned a doctor opposing Maryland’s proposal to legalise the practice. Read More

Hawaii’s assisted suicide law comes into effect, but few physicians cooperate

Catholic Voice- 10 January 2019 0

HONOLULU, HAWAII: Hawaii's law legalizing assisted suicide went into effect last week, but many physicians and pharmacists are choosing not to prescribe or dispense the ... Read More

Assisted suicide still a threat to territory residents

Catholic Voice- 4 October 2018 0

Within days of legislation to allow the ACT and Northern Territory to introduce euthanasia being defeated in the Senate, a new bill was tabled in ... Read More

Federal legislation trumps state-sanctioned euthanasia

- 11 September 2018 0

In a significant defeat for euthanasia supporters, the Senate last month [15 August] rejected an attempt to allow territories to legalise euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. Read More