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Bishops condemn new asylum policy for US-Mexico border 

- 17 July 2019 2

WASHINGTON DC: The president of U.S. bishops’ conference issued a statement on Tuesday condemning a newly-announced rule on asylum eligibility. Read More

Pro-choice pollies should not receive Eucharist: Bishop Daly

- 4 February 2019 1

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON: The Bishop of Spokane said Friday that that politicians who publicly support abortion should not receive the Eucharist in his diocese. Read More

US Attorney General nominee says Catholic faith not an issue

Chris Gordon- 16 January 2019 0

WASHINGTON, DC: President Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general William Barr said Tuesday that he does not think his Catholic faith is an impediment to ... Read More

Catholics in US express frustration over border security stalemate 

- 11 January 2019 0

WASHINGTON, DC: Amidst the divide between building a wall and not building a wall, between reopening the government and continuing the shutdown, people suffer. Read More

New Congress is more than one-third Catholic

Catholic Voice- 4 January 2019 0

WASHINGTON, DC: Catholics make up nearly 30 percent of the congressional freshman class of the 116th Congress sworn in today. Read More