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  • Liam 4 years

    Will there be mass this Sunday? If there is no mass will we be able to stream mass from home? Will the Archbishop be giving everyone dispensations?

  • Bernard O'Reilly 4 years


    I would like to inquire if there is any order at this stage dispensing Catholics in the diocese from their obligation to attend Mass on Sunday’s and on Holy Days of Obligation, and when attending mass are wearing masks accepted.

    • Llywellyn O'Brien 4 years

      Hi Bernard,

      The Archbishop in his letter today has dispensed all Catholics from obligations until further notice. People are certainly free to wear a mask if they choose to but unfortunately the government’s medical advice suggests that face-masks do not provide a great deal of protection for most people and so if you are vulnerable it may be wisest to stay at home.

  • Julie 4 years

    I am very pleased to see changes to the current way of collecting, but I feel that the suggestion is impractical as it assumes mass movement of the congregation during the offertory.
    In all honesty I think we would be better off with labelled containers at the entrance to the church before and after mass.
    The gloving and counting protocols are both practical and sensible.

  • George Burnell 4 years

    Might some open air Masses and services be considered for zHoly Week and Easter?

  • Anne Prendergast 4 years

    I find this is very inspiring.

  • Ian 4 years

    Noting that the Second Rite of Reconciliation has been suspended, has any consideration been given to temporarily re-instituting the Third Rite of Reconciliation in this time of crisis, in preparation for Easter?

  • Richard Culvenor 4 years

    Given the average age of typical congregations is high, and therefore more likely to suffer serious consequences if infected, why does this archdiocese not follow the example of Victoria, Tasmania and WA and call off masses?

    Having just come from mass where we were told the usual Sunday obligation does not apply at the moment, I ask why did the archdiocese put out a clear message to advertise this through the news media, such as happened in Victoria?

  • Mike 4 years

    Why is the archdiocese allowing pallbearers at funerals when this breaches the social distancing restrictions