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  • Beth Gibson 6 months

    I am sure the early builders of this cathedral and the early parishioners would be delighted and grateful that it is still a well loved gathering place that continues to welcome all people and provide a sacred space.

  • Vivienne Flanagan 6 months

    The characterisation of William Lanigan overlooks the fact he brought the behaviour of priests back into line. This naturally made him unpopular with those priests.

    As Hartigan was not ordained (1903) until after the 1900 death of Bishop Lanigan we can be assured he did not serve as a diocesan priest under Lanigan. Hartigan was a Yass local and would have known the Rev. Hanly well. Hanly was one of those priests pulled into line by Lanigan. I think Hartigan’s comments should be seen to reflect the internal politics of the time.

    Further; in presenting his character you should not overlook the fond farewell from Berrima where he was accompanied to St Patrick’s River by his parishioners. He was met by the people of Goulburn at the river. They rode out to welcome and greet the popular priest returning to their city.

    You should also note that he provided a lifeline to many who were suffering in Ireland by way of sponsoring their journey to Australia. There are a minimum of 11 already identified from Tipperary. Surely this can been seen as a demonstration of warmth and love for his people and reflected in any characterisation.

    Consideration should also be given his substantial contribution to establishing education in New South Wales and the fact that this went against the standards of the time with equal educational opportunity being provided to girls. His commitment to education is a reflection of his Lanigan ancestry.

    It is interesting to note the clearing of debt undertaken during phase one of the project. Much is made about the use of green stone being unique. It would be unique, or close to unique, that a Cathedral was built during the tenure of a single bishop and more remarkable that it was left feee of debt by the time of his death!

    • Catharine Burke 6 months

      Thank you for your comments about the character of Fr William Lanigan. A Josephite Sister, Anne v. Player, submitted a PhD thesis to ANU in 2004 with the title “Bishop William Lanigan of Goulburn and the Making of a Catholic People 1867-1900. I have a copy of it. A copy would be available at ANU. Catharine Burke

      • Vivienne Flanagan 6 months

        Sr Anne Player was one of my teachers. I must read her work.

  • Penny 6 months

    So many “wow” moments. Everything looks wonderful. But the outstanding item for me are the Stations of the Cross.

    • Vivienne Flanagan 6 months

      I have noticed the stations are attributed to being made in France. I had thought they were made in Belgium.
      Are you aware of how their origin was determined?

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  • Margaret Hains 6 months

    Looks outstanding, well done to the people who have done the restoration work & the committee who organised it

  • Mary Lowe Haigh 6 months

    In April 1951 I was married in S.S.Peter & Paul’s Cathedral to John Lowe who served as a Special Minister for many years of his life in Goulburn & our 8  children were Baptised there.At the age of 93 it gives me great pleasure & wonderful memories to be present on 30th.November for this wonderful occasion.Congratulations to all those involved in this wonderful restoration.

  • Anne Pyke 6 months

    Well done Ursula and everyone involved I can’t wait to see !!