Youth Ministers launching into 2020

Today saw the first day of the Youth Ministers Launch Training, gathering new and returning youth ministers for training and formation for their placements.

Today saw the 20 youth ministers explore practical ministry skills, setting the vision for youth ministry in our schools and parishes and professional standards and safeguarding.

The day began with an input from Archbishop Christopher Prowse that challenged the Youth Ministers to not just ‘youth ministers, but youth evangelists.’ He encouraged those gather to aim to be ‘great youth ministers’ by building a sustainable youth ministry.

The Youth Ministers begin their ministry in schools and parishes next week as they fulfil the call from St Therese of Lisieux to “love Jesus and make him loved.”


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  • Cathy S 4 years

    Why is not believe first? You have to believe to belong to become. Without belief the rest is window dressing. Belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the bedrock but so often it is the second thought or after thought.