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Bishops tackle big issues on Ad Limina visit

- 27 June 2019 0

The Australian bishops have commenced a series of meetings with departments of the Holy See by visiting the influential Congregations for Bishops and for the ... Read More

Australian Bishops meet Pope Francis

- 26 June 2019 0

VATICAN: Pope Francis has given his apostolic blessing to the Australian Catholic bishops and encouraged them to explore new ways of being missionary in Australia. Read More

Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily for Mass at the tomb of St Peter

- 25 June 2019 1

This is Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily from the Catholic Bishops' Ad Limina Apostolorum Mass at the tomb of St Peter. Read More

Archbishop celebrates the Feast of Corpus Christi in Rome

Chris Gordon- 24 June 2019 0

In his first video message to the Archdiocese from his Ad Limina Apostolorum visit to Rome, Archbishop Christopher Prowse has spoken about the fundamental role ... Read More

Bishops carrying prayers with them on pilgrimage

- 18 June 2019 0

Australia’s Catholic bishops have arrived in Italy and are preparing for their pilgrimage to the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul with a period ... Read More

UAE visit to Archbishop promotes Year of Tolerance

Chris Gordon- 20 May 2019 0

A delegation from the UAE Embassy visited Archbishop Christopher Prowse last week as part of their observation of their Year of Tolerance. Read More

Visits to Eastern Churches demonstrate Catholic unity

Catholic Voice- 16 May 2019 0

Leaders of Eastern Catholic Churches say having Latin rite bishops join them in their liturgical celebrations shows the unity of the Catholic Church. Read More