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Pentecost Encouragement

- 29 May 2020 0

The Bishops of Australia met recently and have written a “Word of Encouragement” during this Covid-19 pandemic. The sending down of the Holy Spirit on ... Read More

Our Lady to protect Australia from the pandemic

- 14 May 2020 9

AUSTRALIA’S Bishops will entrust the care of the nation from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Archbishop Christopher Prowse announced today. Special ... Read More

COVID-19 Health and Work

- 12 May 2020 0

During this pandemic the keywords on our lips centre on health and work. In our hearts, at the same time, the key sentiments seem to ... Read More

Baking treats to connect with grandkids

- 6 May 2020 0

Retirees Kevin and Margaret Croker share how COVID-19 has seen them embrace technology and remember a long-lost grandfather. AS a retired couple, we are very ... Read More

Emmaus backflip

- 30 April 2020 0

The Emmaus scene from Luke’s Gospel (24/13-35) is well known and loved. There seems to be three parts to this Easter encounter. In the first ... Read More

Jesus, I trust in you

Catholic Voice- 21 April 2020 0

We are celebrating Easter with an uninvited guest: the coronavirus.  Don’t we all know it! Jesus is with us in all this mess. He too ... Read More

Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s Easter Message

Catholic Voice- 8 April 2020 1

EASTER MESSAGE 2020 CORONA (CROWN) OF THORNS Just a few months ago, none of us had heard of CORONAVIRUS. Now it is our uninvited Easter ... Read More